Living like a stoic for a week

Being a project manager, I frequently face uncertainties and risks and the most dangerous things are humans. In fact, some things are beyond control, especially emotions and one has to manage those dedicatedly.

I stumbled upon stoic week after woken up by my Husband changing clothes for my young kid at 3 am in the morning of 2nd October. It is still 1st October in other places of the earth.

This took place in YouTube at 4 am singapore time, 2nd October

What draws me to stoicism is the attainment of being in control of emotion. Other than that, the side effect is having joy.

Studying philosophy is also the development of virtues which is not a topic contain in the triangle. The four main virtues are:

  • Wisdom

excellence in reasoning and judgement in theory and practice

• Courage (or resilience)

ability to deal with dangers properly

• Justice (including kindness and generosity), excellence in our relationships with others

• Moderation or self-control, ability to deal properly with emotions and desires

– source modern stoic

Finally, I am keen to develop a mindset of contributions back to the society.


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