Meeting customer who is a Top executive

As a project manager, you will need to assess the type of audience you are going to meet. I was meeting a Vice President and I knew the customer is extremely busy.

My best practice is to have a pre-meeting for alignment. we have a pre-meetings and I will prepare data analytics to explain the current situations. Add all major stakeholders and those who are familiar to the customers, anticipate questions. If you are in support operation, make sure you know some of the latest issues.

Prepare slides

With stakeholders team input, my preparation of material of ideas I am pitching are simple and full of pictures.

  1. State the wishes of executives
  2. Tell them the future state like what a modern enterprise look like
  3. Show them we have done it
  4. Show a video illustrating what we have done
  5. Pitch them the benefits
  6. Show the current state of their operations
  7. Show how it can be transform
  8. Propose next step

Send out drafts (2-3 days before meeting)

I will send out the version proposed to the customers for feedback and ask if we need to invite Our management in the loop. Rightfully if we have a senior staff for important pitch, it will help affirm the importance of the meeting.

Review feedback

If stakeholders have concerns or adjustments to make, the edits will be sent out preferably 24 hours before meeting customers

Confirm the venue and time

Before meeting customers, be prepare to arrive 30 minutes earlier to setup laptop and clear security

Dress well and apply perfumes. If you are in a hot and humid country, take a bath. Show respect to the management.

On meeting the executive

Shake hands and maintain eye contact

Present (if you are too excited, take a deep breathe)

Listen to what customer wants, in the case I mentally noted what he needs and listen to pointers like when he is meeting upper management.

Thank his time and say goodbye

Next, send a message to him and complete follow-up actions


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