Zen’s precept for PM on virtues

The human being is born with an inclination toward virtue.”
~ Musonius Rufus, Lectures, 2.7.1-2

I think of Chinese saying every one born good. 人之初,性本三字經 san zi jing

I came from Nan Hua Secondary school. Then I realised that in this school, taught me the basic virtues to get through life. These eight virtues imprint in my brain and I started to connect the dots. What I was exposed in school form the foundation of my actions.

“Virtue is not simply theoretical knowledge, but it is a practical application as well…So a man who wishes to become good not only must be thoroughly familiar with the precepts which are conducive to virtue but must also be earnest and zealous in applying these principles.” – Musonius Rufus, Lectures.

The above passage states that you need to form a habit to enable the practice of virtue. This is something that you can control. Similarly, I realised that the ritual that Confucius practiced are just habits.

This is easier said than done. I am still trying. Do you?


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